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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00, fearing the worst. some say the proper precautions against ebola in our area are not in place which could put health workers and others at risk. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. local hospitals are not prepared to handle potential ebola patients so says a local nurses union. our health reporter stephanie stahl is here now with on worried nurses and the reaction from hospitals. stephanie. >> chris, officials have been insisting american hospitals can handle e bowl la but look what happened in texas now pennsylvania nurses are sounding the alarm. here at hahnemann university hospital protective gear is ready. hospitals everywhere insisting they're ready to fight ebola. but with a nurse now infected in texas, people are wondering, even those on the front lines. >> i'm concerned that this region is not really prepared for it. >> reporter: patti aiken is pressed the pennsylvania nurse's union.
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>> we have all these different hospitals scrambling themselves to try to figure out should they use this goggle or that goggle? should they use hazmat suits or just emmy permeable gowns. >> reporter: nurse's association wants better training for medical personnel. and while there may have been a breach of protocol in texas, the head of infectious disease at the national institutes of health says, preparations have not been good enough. >> quite frankly the training was -- the proof of the pudding. training was not adequate. it was not adequate. >> this is a moving target. >> reporter: mark ross with the delaware health care council which represents local hospitals says, they're keeping up with evolving rolled indications from the cdc ebola precautions he says are in place. >> when nurses say they're worried, they're not confident that we're ready here, you can see how people would be concerned. i understand that. but they also have these annual trainings. they know how to handle infectious diseases. every facility in this region in this state has the ability to identify, isolate and care for
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patient with an infectious disease such as ebola. >> now, some are saying ebola is no ordinary infectious disease and that more specialized training is needed. at this point local hospitals say they are depending on guidance from the cdc and that has been evolving and changing. the health care council also told me they're going to have protective gear on hand just in case. >> a lot of concern out there. we know that, stephanie, thank you very much. cdc does say that its goal to is to break the so-called ebola chain before anyone else becomes infected. tonight we know that 70 staffers at texas health presbyterian hospital treated thomas duncan among them 26 year old nurse nina familiar. she is the first person infected inside the us and she's been in isolation with a fever since friday. officials blame a breach of protocol possibly involving the removal of protective gear. also, tonight, a medic is in ice laying at the university of kansas hospital with a fever and other symptoms. he had reportedly been taking care of patients on ship off the
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coast of west africa. doctors hope to have his test results by tomorrow. >> "eyewitness news" staying on top of the angle of e bowl la story. we combined an ebola resource guide for you. log on to and learn much more about the virus and its symptoms. >> new at 11:00, a first hand account from a man who was knocked out cold on a philadelphia street. we first brought you the video of the incident friday night. how you hear from the victim in his exclusive interview with "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco. >> i have fractured jaw. >> reporter: 24 cereal shane kerry has difficulty talking and can't eat. thursday a vicious attack left his jaw wired shut. >> you feel violated really. but these are children and why? >> reporter: cell phone video shows shaken unconscious in the street after a group of teens on bikes through water in his face and hit him from behind. it happened last thursday on the
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corner of 19th and fairmount. >> saw a bunch of kids on bikes and they were beating inside view mirrors on park cars. >> shane confronted the group and told them to stop when they began to follow him and call him names. >> they started threatening me. all the kids on the street corner pointing at me and starting to shout at me. >> within seconds he was hit without ever seeing his attackers. the teen scattered but a couple living nearby ran to help. that's the neck thing shane remembers. >> my head was being cradled by this mother and i couldn't really wands was going on, but she was putting gauze to my head. i wanted to thank her for doing that for me. >> it was a parent's wore the nightmare, but i just want to thank her because it sounds like it could have been a lot worse. >> a witness was able to identify the boys 16 year old and 212 year olds were a arrested wanted for her asking another couple in their car half
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an hour earlier on 18th and lombard streets. >> i think people shouldn't be scared to live in their own neighborhood. >> reporter: shane has decided to take break from his philly live while he recovers at his parent's home in williamsport. the three juveniles arrested were charged with aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. it is possible more arrests may follow as police continue to investigation. in williamsport, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> outside right now, heavy fog is moving into the area. "eyewitness news" in center city where you can see it's is the link around the tops of buildings there. meteorologist kathy orr is here now with how long it's going stick around. kathy? that fog in and out of center city philadelphia. you can see some of our tops of our skyline covered in fog but that's not the worst of it. across the area we are seeing warm moist air. areas of fog developing with warm temperatures. still in the 60s in philadelphia. some 50s to the poconos. but as we look, this is the area of fog that is gettin getting vn to the north and west of the
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city threw the lehigh valley a and.poconos. look at these visibilities. so this is the area we're concerned of. between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. for the start of that morning rush. areas of dense fog from our northern and western suburbs and toward the north toward the poconos we're looking at visibility below a half mile for most of the morning. so please be aware of that. the next problem comes with this storm system bringing severe weather to the west. it is moving quickly toward the east turning stormy in the delaware valley. details ornithes coming up later in the broad calf. >> kathy, thank. new tonight police are investigating the shooting a barbershop own are in in northeast philadelphia. this happen at castor's finest barbershop in the 7100 block of castor avenue. police say the 33 year old was shot in the arm, leg and chest. he also had a graze wound to the head. that victim is now hospitalized in critical condition and police are searching for two gunmen. >> it has been a month and a day
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since the ambush at a state police barracks that left a pennsylvania state trooper dead and another seriously injured. police were able to determine eric frein's travel direction through evidence collected at a camp site. they were even able to spot him but he was too far away. falling leaves mean less protection and fewer hiding spots in the fall, however, officials remind everyone it work both ways. police will see and be seen by the suspected killer. >> the threat of isis is growing tonight. international observer believe the group may have deployed kell cal weapons in northern iraq. cameras rolled earlier as isis attacked syrian border town of company ban knee. curdish fighters say they're pushing back against isis there with the help of us air strikes. >> meantime the captain city of baghdad close tonight to being surrounded by isis fighters. one top military official says that isis is 15 miles from the baghdad airport. police are on the look out
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for a suspected arsonist tonight after this fire at a local dance studio. investigators tell us that they found evidence that suggest the fire at the bucks county dance studio in bensalem was intentionally set. no one there was injured. >> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, free of burg -- spree of burglaries in palmyra has homeowners on alert wolf burglaries and one attempted burglary over the weekend near veterans drive, arch street and west third street. then overnight saturday, less than mile away people's cars and properties were sprayed with graffiti this along garfield avenue. if you have any information on those crimes, you're asked to contact palmyra police. >> update tonight on contract negotiations between septa and its rail engineers. the two sides came to a tentative agreement today. septa tells "eyewitness news" the deal will result in an 11-point 5% raise. that figure does not include the 35 cents per hour differential pay to maintain the wage level
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between engineers and conducto conductors. this tentative deal comes um five years of negotiations. tonight one vietnam veteran in philadelphia is asking the question who stole his prosthetic leg? >> we know that leg was returned early this morning, but the person who stole it from sonny forest outside of lat night's eagles game is still out there. sonny was performing outside lincoln financial field when he says an inn tock indicated young woman grabbed his leg and ran off. it turned up hours later at the fern rock station. sonny does have an idea for how that rowdy eagles fan should be punish. >> i would like her apology. that's all. and then go work for some older people that don't have limbs and stuff like that, and then you'll see how it feels when you can't get around. >> investigators are checking surveillance video tonight. they know they're looking for a woman in her early 20 who's was wearing an eagles jersey. splash headlines on mine may
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peak your curiosity. the latest cyber threat that have you clicking at your own risk. >> a storm system headed our way delivered this severe weather in the south and midwest. what's it going to do when it gets here? parked in the driveway. a truck bursts into flames. see what a neighbor did just moments before the blast. >> plus, the latest prices at the pump. what they mean for your wallet. we'll break them down when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" with a daring rescue in rochester new york. for more than two hours a tractor trailer dangled over the side of an overpass with the driver still and side. 60 firefighters worked to free that driver. at one point the truck's fuel tank burst. the driver was eventually removed safely. he suffered only minor injuries. >> now to another daring rescue this one out of colorado. watch as the man in this, n colorado springs pulls his neighbor from a burning pickup. the driver of that truck had a seizure and wound up flooring the gas pedal. within minutes, the cab of the truck began to fill with smoke and that's when a neighbor saved
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the day just in time. >> the fire started to come through the dash. so i just grabbed him and we just exited pulled him right out of there. >> the whole seen you see me out there, i don't remember any of it. >> again they're neighbor but these two men did not know each other by first name until this happened. on the health watch tonight, a promising study highlights a natural alternative to treating some of the symptoms of autism. researchers look at 40 teenagers and young men with moderate to severe autism and found when taken in a pill form, a chemical in broccoli sprouts improved verbal communication and decreased repetitive behaviors. >> bottom line message it's for the science community this needs to be followed up with more clinical studies and more lab studies to understand exactly how it's working. >> which is also found in kale
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and cabbage appears to reduce stress in the bodies of autism sufferers. >> being a dad can reall reallyy off according new study by the city university of new york. those researchers found that men with children earn 40% more than men without kids in 2010. those dads had a median sal receive $49,000. compared to about 29,000 for men without kids. part of the reason is fathers tend to make -- part of the reason fathers tend to make mo more, they tend to be older, more likely to have full-time jobs and more stabbed in their work. >> it is certainly a welcome sight for drivers stopping to fuel up lately. prices at the pumps are dropping daily. it has been awhile since we've seen them this low. "eyewitness news" in mays landing, new jersey, where drivers are paying $2 knife for gallon of regular gas. some stations in south jersey are selling for even less. on the pennsylvania side they're seeing low prices. prices flirting with nearly $3 a gallon. aaa predicts gas prices will
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head lower still as global oil prices have slipped and supplies out pace demand. >> right now drivers in pennsylvania still pay average of 3.32 a gallon for regular g gas. in new jersey the average is $2.99 and in delaware drivers pay 3.0 sick. >> many people are pretty savvy when it comes to avoid internet exams but there's new cyber trick that's hiding right in plane sight and it could make you the next victim of what's known as quick bait. >> we're all curious. >> and nothing peaks our curiosity more than a good headline. but experts say click at your own risk. >> headlines don't quite tell you enough you're like, what's this? you want to click on it. but when you do, or if you download something, you could be introducing all kinds of nasty things to your computer. >> click baiting or click jacking is the latest cyber threat that is tricking internet users to clicking on a link that's not what it seems. >> it's highjacking your click.
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an example see these nude celebrity photos that were hack. robin williams last words. or it could even be within a free i-pad. >> internet security expert david, says you'll never actually see any of those thing. instead when you click, you'll open yours up to identity theft, spyware and more. >> they might install malware or they could steal your the use of your computer. >> it's not just in the form of a link that claims to have companion material to what you're reading says claire rosen wig with the better business bureau it. >> could be an e-mail, it could be a text, it could be a website that rouses your curiosity. >> net users see things like this all the time. >> check this out. never been seen, it look exactly like it's a part of the new sight. >> so you automatically think in your mind it's connected. >> it's very confusing. >> what can you do to protect yourself? experts say you can start by using common sense and verifying the information on your own. >> if it's a celebrity, you go
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to that that are official site. >> make sure your computer is protect. >> it's very important to keep your brows err up to date. browsers are more -- out of date browsers are more sun stibble to quick baiting. >> all right. well, the fog we saw there's a big rain system headed this way. a lot of people wondering what's going on next? >> yeah. >> crazy objection. >> tonight we're talking about some warm moist air. areas of dense fog to greet us tomorrow morning and then storms moving in. as we head through the work week. take look outside where we have little fog down the shore, but that's not where the worse of it is. on storm scan3 fairly dry conditions, areas of drizzle and mist. the big stories is out west where we have severe weather. a line of severe weather from tennessee all the way down to the florida panhandle when you see this comma shape associated with the storm system that is a textbook example of an intense
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storm and all of this is moving toward the north and the east. it will be knocking on our doorstep fairly soon. right now in philadelphia, though, we have some mild and moist air sitting over us. poconos 55. not much of a range in temperatures throughout the northeast to the mid atlantic even out through the great lakes where we are still in the clouds and the moisture. we will see a search of warmth with strong southerly winds ahead of this frontal boundary. that is creating havoc out west. temperatures will be in the 70s after that morning fog is burned off. it will be a pleasant afternoon. wednesday the air gets squeezed eastward and from the south as well. making it to 80 degrees in the city. so very warm afternoon with rain mainly to the west as the front is close but in western pennsylvania and then this moves through by early thursday setting off showers and thunderstorms behind it a drier cooler air mass. so this is what it look like. future weather fast forward to wednesday. seeing wednesday morning some clouds in the north and west but mainly staying to the west with all of the rain.
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that's through went night. then overnight wednesday into thursday we see showers, thunderstorms, for thursday morning, and all this progressively moves eastward by thursday evening it's finally moving away we're talking about a decent amount of rain possibly one to 2-inches with this as well. overnight, though for the feydeau immediate future dense fog north and west of the city the low temperature 60 degrees. here's a look at our visibles right now. but as we look ahead to tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. you can see from philadelphia north and west a mile or less visible. .2 of a mile in trenton. by 7:00 a.m., a little bit of improve many here from philadelphia and wilmington. look at trenton zero down to zero visibility and pretty bad to the north and west as well. and then by 9:00 a.m. we begin to see improve many along the i-95 corridor but still quite low to the north and west. it's not until 10:00 o'clock that the lehigh valley gets out of it. and the poconos still seeing poor visible it's going to take time for all of this to lift toward the north and then we will be seeing some sunshine
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tomorrow by the afternoon temperatures rising in the upper 70s with a southerly wind and the warmth continues right through wednesday. but those storms get closer as well. then by thursday, that's when we expect the rain, the storms and not great day to be outdoors. if you have anything to do outside, try to plan it either wednesday or on friday. friday, saturday and sunday we cool it down. showers expected next monday with a temperature of 63. ♪ >> want to remind that you we want you to be weather watcher if you like reporting on the weather join our "eyewitness weather" watcher team. to sign up. >> some of the best pictures we get people out there taking photos for you. kathy, thanks. >> who didn't love those black uniforms last night. maybe we could breakout those out a little more often. >> i'm all for it. i wasn't were before but i'm all in. all that trash talking the giants did before the game back back to haunt them. the win did come with a cost. i'll update you on darrin sproles injury coming up next in
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>> eagles off until next tuesd tuesday. they head into the bye on a high note after crushing the new york giants. last night the birds dominated both sides of the ball. they blocked well for shady mccoy he ran for 149 yards. the most this season. how about the defense? relentless eli man hemoglobin a long night. sacked six times and the birds reported their first shut out in almost 20 years. 27-zero the final. they move to five and one on the season. >> we played a better total four quarters. in other games i said it last night we did things in spurts,
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more consistent basis, you know, um, to win in this league it's about consistency and we're moving in that direction. >> that was our best i think full game of football on the defensive side. obviously, donny jones helped us out gave us great position and the offense played well, too. we got the lead and we were able to force them into a one dimensional game. >> leading up to the game the giants did a lot of trash talking saying eagles won the division last year because the division was weak and they were lucky to be four-one this year. well, all that did was just motivate the eagles last night. >> watch what you say because you fired us up. we was ready, and we definitely hit them in the mouth today, and we just got to keep it going we got to go up there next time and i mean i'm sure they won't probably talk as much they probably figure out what they need to do. >> 27 to nothing. (laughter). >> thank you. >> i love that. all right. here's the bad news. darrin sproles mr. i can do it
11:26 pm
all has a knee sprain but because of the bye week he could be back without missing a game we hope. he was injured at the end of a 4-yard run late in the four quarter. three rushing touchdowns and returning a punt for touchdown. >> okay. beasley needs a placing to friday night for the football frenzy game of the week download the audio road show app and vote. here are your selections. we'll an noun the winner after thursday night football right here on cbs-3. >> love the frenzy. >> um-hmm. >> all good choices and good news on s sproles. it looked kind of scary when he came off the field last night. >> it did. we need him back. >> yes, quick recovery to him. no doubt. thanks, lesley. >> a pumpkin like no other bre breaking a record it could break a scale. >> whoa! the pounds and the prize that's next.
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>> "eyewitness news" in center city tonight where more college of art is very colorful in pink. the pink lights on buildings across the area are reminder for women to schedule a mammogram and october is breast cancer awareness no. for the 13th year cbs-3 and the cw philly teamed up once again with susan g. komen philadelphia for the lights for the cure campaign. it's also pumpkin picking time and we have one plump pumpkin to show you. >> might want to take crane along if you'll pick this guy because this is the biggest pumpkin in north america. farmer in california broke the record with this beauty that tipped the scales at 2,058 pounds. he won over $13,000 in today's pumpkin weigh off that's about $6 a pound. plus another thousand for beating the record so congratulations and now they've got to cab it.
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good luck. >> get all that stuff out of the middle. good luck. we'll be right back. ♪ thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> omega's cocoon. you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is next with guest russell brant. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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